How to Avoid Injury from Raking

How to Avoid Injury from Raking - Landscapers

To keep your garden tidy, you may need to do some raking, especially during fall. At first sight, raking doesn’t seem to be a dangerous or strenuous activity, given the fact that rakes are simple tools — they have no blades and use no electricity. However, improper techniques can cause injury from raking.

What’s the Proper Technique to Prevent Injury from Raking?

To make sure you use a proper raking technique there are several golden rules to keep in mind:

1. Don’t use worn rakes.

2. Don’t forget to warm your body up.

3. Don’t underestimate bumps on your path.

4. Don’t bend your back, only your knees.

5. Alternate movements as you advance.

You should avoid using old or worn rakes because they can cause accidents and demand more effort. Also, it is important to warm up before actually starting the activity. Stretching can be dangerous if your muscles are not prepared for the different moves required by raking. Be very careful while advancing – a path which is uneven can hinder your efforts.

Don’t forget to alternate movements while raking to prevent muscle strain. Finally, when you need to bend in order to adjust your position, bear in mind that this move should be done with your legs. You should bend your knees only, not your back.

Which Are the Most Common Injuries Caused by Raking?

If you don’t follow these simple instructions, you might be at risk of several common injuries that could turn out to be more severe than you would think. The most frequent of these include back pain and muscle strain.

As you can see, raking is not as risk-free as it may seem. However, by using the proper tools and technique while doing this activity, you can avoid injury from raking.

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