Physical Therapy Knee Injury

Physical Therapy Knee Injury - Chiropractors

Knee injuries are very painful and always manage to disrupt our normal balance. Fortunately, physical therapy conducted under the close supervision of a gifted specialist can be considered the best solution to this pressing problem. Here’s all the info that you may need on physical therapy knee injury policies and best practices.

Physical Therapy Can Be as Effective as Surgery in Some Cases

Are you afraid to go under the knife? If so, rest at ease knowing that, in some cases, the right type of physical therapy can successfully replace surgery. A damaged meniscus, those extremely important shock-absorbers in our knees, can be repaired by doctors through surgery.

However, recent studies indicate appropriate physical exercises contribute to a full recovery in a non-invasive manner and can be considered a viable substitute for surgery.

Opt for the Right Set of Low-Impact Physical Exercises

Whatever you do, it is imperative to consult an experienced therapist before embracing a certain workout, designed to get you back on your feet. Discuss your options with a specialist and opt for a customized set of low-impact physical exercises that could easily enhance your mobility, alleviate your pain, enhance blood flow, and speed up the recovery process.

If surgery is mandatory in your case, let your surgeon know that you’re planning to go for a particular workout routine, and ask for his/her opinion on this matter.

Identifying the Right Exercises for You

There are numerous forms of physical therapy knee injury. They can be personalized according to your age, physical condition, type of injury, and specific goals. Most of them include basic exercises, including the following:

– Knee flexion and knee extension

– Straight leg raise

– Ankle pumps

– Sitting knee extensions

– Gluteal exercise

Rely on an Expert Opinion

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