Types of Outdoor House Paint

Types of Outdoor House Paint - Painters

Any painting project needs good quality paint, but it’s particularly important when painting exterior surfaces that are exposed every day to varying weather conditions. Outdoor house paint must be able to withstand the harsh elements outside. Because of this, it is offered in various formulas that are specially designed to work with a particular substrate.

By being aware of the different types of outdoor house paint, you would know which one would be appropriate to use for your project.

Water-Based and Oil-Based Paint

Most outdoor applications use water-based paints, however, there are specific conditions when oil-based paints are preferred. The latter adheres and blocks stains better, so they are more suitable for surfaces that are chalky or stained. They are also ideal to use on corrosive metals and woods that bleed.

The downside of oil paints is they take much longer to dry, anywhere from 8 hours to a full 24 hours, while water-based paints dry completely in 6 hours at the most. Water-based outdoor house paint is great on house sidings since it expands and contracts and does not retain moisture. It also doesn’t crack and peel.

Types of Paint Based on Use

– Floor or Porch Paint: Used on porches, garages, decks and other concrete surfaces to protect them from the weather; Get superior results when you use 100 percent acrylic latex; Oil formulations are also available.

– House or Siding Paint: Withstands the adverse effects of severe weather; Specific paints for regional climates are available; Comes as oil or latex paint.

– Masonry Paints: Best for concrete and cement surfaces as well as stucco and shingles. Typically, latex and most other types need special bonding primer or pretreatment before application.

– Roof Paint: Can protect the roof from mildew and algae; Go for acrylic-latex paint; Do not use for sealing roof leaks or waterproofing the roof; Can be mixed with tint to match existing color of roof.

– Gutter Paint: Excellent adhesion to aluminum and galvanized steel; Available as oil and latex paints; Use oil-based paint for tin gutters for better results; Apply a primer suitable for galvanized metal prior to painting.

– Pool and Marine Paint: Choose paints that offer resistance to stain and abrasion. Use a polymerized and cement-based paint for concrete or granite swimming pools; Check that the paint is compatible with your pool or pool deck’s surface.

Need a Professional Painter?

Having quality outdoor house paint is not enough to ensure a smooth painting job. Get quality results when you hire an experienced and reputable painter. Seva Call can locate up to three qualified painters in your area to handle your painting job. Give us the details of your job and we’ll get you in touch with the best local professionals within a few minutes!


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