Common Lawn Weeds

Common Lawn Weeds - Landscapers

Weeds are for lawns as dust for furniture: persistent and annoying. You remove them and they keep coming back. Knowing how to identify lawn weeds is the first step in controlling them and maintaining a neat, beautiful lawn.

Here are some of the most common lawn weeds, and what you need to do to prevent them from taking over your lawn.

Bermuda Grass

This perennial grass is one of the toughest enemies of your lawn. It’s light green and has textured leaves. Because it spreads in several ways – by seeds, stems, and rhizomes – it’s likely to conquer your lawn if you neglect it. It’s difficult to get rid of it without herbicides, so you can start by using pre-emergents, which will prevent germination.


This lawn weed got its name from the crustacean because its blue-green leaves form a compact circle, which resembles a crab. It can grow pretty tall if you don’t mow it often. The best thing you can do to prevent this weed from spreading is to look after your lawn properly by watering it regularly, fertilizing it when required, and mowing it often.

To deal with crabgrass, pull plants with your hands, and use appropriate herbicides. There are special products for particular lawn weeds, so make sure you check the label and apply as instructed.

Dallis Grass

These light green weeds need to be dug out one by one to remove the rhizomes as much as possible. You can use pre-emergence or post-emergence weed control products.

Annual Bluegrass

Also known as winter grass, this lawn weed is bright green, and its seed heads look like grains, which will give your lawn a whitish appearance. To get control over this weed, it’s recommended to mow your lawn often, to prevent seed heads from reaching maturity. Also, use pre-emergence herbicide when the summer is about to end or during early fall.

Ask an Expert

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