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28 (Mis)Adventures: The Horror of Taking Cold Showers Like a Barbarian

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

A blog about life experience and inexperience, by Dallea Caldwell

28 (Mis)Adventures: The Horror of Taking Cold Showers Like a Barbarian - Seva Team

No matter how precisely adjusted your sleep number, there’s a horrifying truth that nevertheless keeps you up night. It’s a reality that pierces the insulation of your climate controlled life and wraps you in a cold sweat.

You get little reminders – warning shots – as if from a hostage taker or blackmailer who isn’t taken  seriously enough. They come in subtle ways: a blown light bulb here, a roof leak there, or a flooded basement. These remind us  that our luxurious amenities are a precarious buffer between us and utter savagery. And no amenity is a more important a buffer than the simple luxury of nice, hot, running water. Today is my 4th day without it.

The astonishing complexity of my home plumbing problem is an unforeseen consequence of my affinity for over-indulgence. I was initially very impressed to learn that my tankless electric water heater is designed to support showers of infinite length, heating water as needed rather than in a singular tank that must be filled and refilled. But, when you own the Lexus of water heaters, you eventually discover the flip side of years of high-end convenience: finding someone with the know-how to diagnose problems, get parts, and repair such a novel machine is a huge challenge.

This means that you can suddenly go from someone who routinely and thoughtlessly indulges in the longest and most luxurious baths and showers known to man, to someone who approaches bathing with dread, foreboding, and copious amounts of strategic planning.

Here’s a rough outline of my nightmare so far.

Denial: I sleepily rolled from my bed one morning, stumbled to the shower, and turned it on as usual. Then I filled my face with the tooth cleaning power of my Sonicare electric toothbrush, the mind-numbing hum of its micro-vibrations bristling away plaque for the automatically alotted 2 minutes.

I check the water: running cold. I smother my adult acne in deep pore cleanser and wallow in the icy-cool sensation that tricks you into believing its working. I check the water: still running cold. I shrug it off and settle for a “possibly wash”.  “Possibly wash” is what my mother calls washing parts of your body that possibly stink. I did that.

“I must have turned it off,” my roommate said after I mentioned it, awakening me to the fact that there’s an off option on the water heater.

Fear: But when I get home that night, the problem has only gotten worse. The hot water faucet isn’t just running cold, it’s barely running. I immediately access both my social itinerary and the predicament of my hair, my skin, the peach fuzz accumulating on my limbs. This is a problem.

Anger:  Why am I consistently the first one to notice that it still isn’t working? Do you bathe?

“I don’t know. I flicked it off and on again. It should be fine.”

Well, it’s not. And, I should be exfoliating right now. I mean, I’m scalier and hairier than Ariel if she were half Chewbacca.

“Okay, okay, I’ll call the guy tomorrow.”

Oh, you better!

Acceptance: The next morning, craving if only a taste of the sweet warmth I once took for granted, I warmed 2 popcorn bowls full of water. Into one, I dunked my soapy loofa and squeezed soothing – if intermittent – streams of water down my back. Once overcome by the self-assurance that comes with perceived cleanliness, I poured both bowls of water. It was the most efficient indulgence that I’ve ever experienced.

The same day, the original installer came to inspect the broken water heater. It’s missing some piece or other. It should be delivered later today. In the meantime, the ritual of warming water has reminded me just how many privileges I take for granted, and how easily things taken for granted can be taken away.

Did you go a long time without electricity, running water, or some other luxury that’s come to be essential to your life? How did you survive?

28 (Mis)Adventures: Being Insecure About My Teeth Affected Me Growing Up

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

A blog about life experience and inexperience, written by Dallea Caldwell.

Do you remember when you lost your two front teeth? Maybe you mainly remember the cold hard cash under your pillow and blowing it on a wild night of binge-drinking soda pop and doing lines of sugar straws. The rest is probably a cheek-pinched blur.

But, if you’re lucky, it was just a phase. And you traded in your bike’s training wheels and got your big kid teeth. Because, at some point, having an irregular smile gets decidedly less adorable.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t get to enjoy my big teeth for long. I mean, I continued to have them… but there was no enjoyment. I was joyously playing “It” at the playground when I tripped, dragging my gleeful grin across the pavement.

So, I had 2 chipped front teeth. And unfortunately, in my working-class family, regular cleanings and other essentials had to take precedence over cosmetics. Throughout middle school and high school I learned to be insecure. I smiled with pursed lips or with my lower lip hiding the jagged flaws. I spoke little around strangers. And, I only nodded politely when complemented, fearing that if they saw my crooked smile, they’d no longer find me pretty.

Of course, I was still a happy kid. Teased,  but who wasn’t? Self-conscious, but only about a million things from my nose to my feet… just like every other kid.

Still, it wasn’t until college that I discovered the difference a carefree smile makes. In my sophomore year my family finally garnered the means to take care of both basic and cosmetic dental needs. I was fitted for porcelain veneers and boy what a difference!

At first, I smiled less than before. By college I’d come to terms with my smile and convinced myself that it wasn’t that bad. After all, I had friends and a boyfriend. I could chat over lunch and everyone kept their food down.

My fear was that people who treat me so much better and be so astounded at my new appearance that it would spoil my delusions. It would prove that I was, in fact, grotesque.

But, when I did let go, the sensation was so addictive. Happy is so much happier and funny is so much funnier when you’re free to smile and laugh as big as your heart desires.

Now, my eyes and nose crinkle for every joke, greeting, and picture. My whole face is pinched under the weight of my big beaming smiles.

Thanks to new technologies like Invisalign and laser teeth whitening, it’s never too late to get the smile you’ve always wanted. Insecurity dampens every occasion and adds a bad punchline to every joke. So, visit to find a dentist who can correct whatever insecurity you want fixed. You won’t believe how happy your happiness will feel!

Zombie-Proof Your Home: Cleaning Up the Mess

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Written by Steven D’Adamo

Zombie-Proof Your Home: Cleaning Up the Mess - Seva Team

Sorry for the delay since my last update, TalkLocal fans. The Seva Team got caught up in Minnesota, helping some weary survivors rebuild their homes after the military launched Operation: Clean Sweep to wipe out the undead.

I hope you found my tips to help you zombie-proof your home useful. I sure enjoyed sharing the knowledge with you, though not so much the application of it.

The good news is that it’s finally over. The zombie apocalypse has been quashed thanks to our efforts (and probably also the might of the US military).

But I have some final advice to give you, and luckily, it doesn’t involve monsters or the end of the world. Nope, now it’s time to clean up the mess left behind by the now-dead undead, so we can all get back to our mundane, zombie-free lives.

1. Get the blood out with a combination of cold water, detergent, and ammonia on carpets. Read this article for a detailed description of the cleaning process.

2. Reuse as many materials as possible. Remember all of the reinforcing and furniture-moving I had you doing? You’re going to have to undo most of that. Maybe some of the modifications will be useful to you during hurricane season. Otherwise, refurbish the furniture, or use the plywood barricades to build new furniture.

3. Work to rebuild your community. Why just stop at your home? Help your neighbors too! Some of you might need some people-to-people interaction after being cooped up in your castle for weeks. Hooray new friends!

The zombie apocalypse might be over, but the Seva Team is still here, helping everyone help themselves.

Now get to cleaning and rebuilding! And good luck! Steve out.

Life Experience and Inexperience: Helping at Home Starts in the Kitchen

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

A blog about life experience and inexperience, written by Dallea Caldwell.

I shoved my boyfriend in the grocery store last week.

IN MY OWN DEFENSE, I was only half serious. See, this was my first time “meal planning”. I normally pick up ingredients for the meals I learned from my mom, grab whatever else looks good, and just invent new meals with whatever is left. That’s why I always kick him out of the kitchen — so that I can…think.

Now, in order to make dinner time more of a team sport, he suggested we try some new recipes together. But first, we had to find them. And researching recipes online is pretty irritating. Something looks good…until you realize it requires 50 million ingredients you can’t pronounce and none of which you have in stock. Then, after all that thinking and strategizing — adding the duplicate ingredients, removing the in-stock ones — the basics become an afterthought.

And, even though “we” forgot the bacon…I alone fell short of the expectation to remember the bacon. So, it was “You forgot the bacon.” Oh, most stubborn remaining vestige of sexism, you slay me.

And that brings me to the shoving of the boyfriend.

I got away with it because he’s bigger than me and because we were both laughing at the time. But we couldn’t find the Italian sausage, and because we couldn’t find the Italian sausage, the whole world was on the brink of disaster in that moment.

So, I shoved him to save him from the derailed train/falling building/firey comet that was headed his way any apocalyptic moment… obviously.

In the end, however, we saved $30 on our regular grocery bill! Which felt far more satisfying than I had expected.

And we really connected on a deeper level! Really learning to understand one another.

BF: “How do you ‘brown the sausage’?”

Me: “You pour olive oil in the pan and saute the meat on top.”

BF: “How do you ‘saute the meat on top’?”

Me: “You pour olive oil in the pan and put the meat on top.”

And, I taught him to wash the pots rather than put them in the dishwasher where they get damaged.

And I laughed as he cringed at the feel of the sponge. (Yes, he’s one of those).

Most importantly, the Olive Garden Copycat Zuppa Toscana was delicious, even with Italian seasoned ground turkey!

So, if you can’t stand the heat, bring your partner into the kitchen. Strategize to plan quick and affordable meals that reduce waste  and impulse buying. With the money you save as a team, you can do something really great… like hire a maid or butler during the Playoffs so that your home team can enjoy a brief off season!

28 (Mis)Adventures: How to Throw a Surprise Bachelorette Party for Your Mom

Saturday, August 17th, 2013

A blog about life experience and inexperience, written by Dallea Caldwell.

We were too hurried to take pictures of the decorative handy-work. Basically, we picked up every purple trinket I could find at Party City and placed/hung/taped it somewhere. I might have hyperventilated from the excitement, but that’s why I stuck to blowing the balloons… to keep me calm while my sister did pretty things around the house.

28 (Mis)Adventures: How to Throw a Surprise Bachelorette Party for Your Mom - Seva Team

What pictures my sister did take are being withheld to protect the innocent: women wrapped in toilet paper like high-fashion mummies, bride choking on 12 sticks worth of gum, teary-eyed huggers, toasts, toasts, and more toasts. If anyone leaks those images, it would pale in comparison to the transcript, but I won’t get into that either. Let’s just keep it as PG-13 as possible.

That’s also what I said when I started planning my mother’s surprise bachelorette party in the first place. Because… you know that awkward moment when you’re watching a movie with your parents and the characters get all R-rated? Well, my biggest fear was  that that Officer Spanx would show up and create that stomach churning sensation for a full 4 hours.

So, I did a Bachelorette Shower. Light on the drinks. Even lighter on the debauchery. And, by keeping it a surprise I kept the drama high and the expectations low. Here are the 5 games we played… including “Fool the Bride”.

“Fool the Bride” is basically keeping the party a secret. I’d say that surprise party planners require at least 2 co-conspirators. In this case I needed her fiancee to keep her schedule open and the wedding planner to give an excuse to go the party location. When mom came in and saw her family and friends, her hands started shaking and her eyes swelled with tears. It was awesome. Then it was on to the next adventure.

“Something Sweet and Something Spicy”: As guests arrived, I directed them to a stack of postcards and asked them to write something sweet/kind and something spicy/sassy for the bride; it could be jokes, tips, or whatever they think of. They didn’t sign it. I collected the cards, and the bride had to guess who said what. The guessing game was toward the end, and reading the notes out loud and discovering who was behind them made for many sentimental, surprising, and uproariously shocking moments. My sister wrote the names on the cards, which made for nice keepsakes for mom.

“2 Truths and a Lie”: The candid talk that occurred at that party would not have been possible without an icebreaker. We have about 20 guests from different parts of my mom’s life. Once she arrived we all formally introduced ourselves with 2 truths and 1 lie. The first person to guess wrong on each turn takes a sip of wine, and if someone guesses correctly, the guest who told the lie takes some wine. The added liquid courage made it an icebreaker+. My guests generally went around successfully passing as younger than they were to win each turn, but it was still fun.

“Toilet Paper Wedding Dress”: This explains the aforementioned toilet paper fashion. I divided the guests into 5 teams and handed each a roll of toilet paper and a roll of clear tape. Then, I gave them 10 minutes to wrap one of the team members in the toilet paper so that they look like a bride in a wedding dress. My mom picked the best dressed. The results were amazing! Toilet-paper sweetheart necklines, long trains, bows, mermaid silhouettes, and more. And the fashion show! Those toilet paper brides really worked it, and the teams described the gowns like they were on the red carpet.

“The Newly-Wed Game”: It didn’t hurt the relationship that my mom got so many answers wrong during this quiz, but it would have hurt her liver. To play, I compiled a list of questions and got the answers from her fiancee a week before. If mom got the answer wrong, she drank. She drank too much. I put gum in her mouth for every wrong answer after that. It pained me to ask what she said 3 or 4 times, have her struggle not to pronounce the answer, and then hand her another stick of gum. Actually, it was completely painless… and hilarious!

So, aside from getting stuck in traffic for so long the check platter melted, having to rush to decorate, and then waiting an extra 30 minutes with a house full of guests hoping mom wouldn’t miss her own surprise party… it went off without a hitch! And great presents to boot!

Have a major event that requires professional planning? Find an available party planner and talk to them in seconds at

Zombie-Proof Your Home: Perfecting the Getaway Car

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Written by Steven D’Adamo

Good news Seva Callers! It appears that our collective efforts to root out the zombies and help other survivors has been working; there seem to be less and less undead lurking around the neighborhood every day.

And more good news! We found the remaining founders, previously lost on a Chipotle run. Figures that they were holed up in Chipotle, happily living off of an endless supply of rice, tortilla chips, and Tabasco sauce.

But there is still one key person missing from Fort Seva Call: Seva Man himself! The last we heard from him, he was in Green Bay, where the locals had turned Lambeau Field into Lambeau Castle, evidently taking our protective measures to grand proportions.

Now, we’re preparing to empty Fort Seva Call on a desperate rescue mission to bring our hero back to his now-fortified home. But we can’t just roll out in a used Corolla and expect a high survival rate. So we’re turning a few of the Seva Call commuter cars into zombie-busting vehicles.

If you have finished working to zombie-proof your home, join our convoy rescue mission across the US! But make some modifications to your cars first.

The Roadster

It’s all well and good to transform a truck into a zombie-crushing tank — or to have an actual tank — but you may find a small, zippy road car useful to get in and out of tight spots quickly and quietly.

So find a small sedan or sports coupe with a decent engine, and reinforce the front and back bumpers with some unused garden tools, preferably of the sharp variety. You can even do this all the way around the car.

Then take a page out of the hurricane-proofing book and reinforce the side and rear windows with hurricane film. This peel-and-stick film will keep glass from shattering in your face and allow ample visibility.

Zombie-Proof Your Home: Perfecting the Getaway Car - Seva Team

The Caravan

It’s not very efficient to have only a few people to a car. If you’re travelling in large groups, use a bus or large van to transport lots of people or supplies at once.

Make those passengers useful by having them deflect oncoming zombies out of drilled holes in the side of the vehicle. You could even build a plywood-reinforced bunker on top of the van for some extra protection and a bird’s-eye view of the action.

Or you could just turn it into a party bus.

Zombie-Proof Your Home: Perfecting the Getaway Car - Seva Team

The (Zombie) Monster Truck

This is the vehicle you want for traversing rough terrain and bursting through a mosh pit of zombies without a scratch.

Thick-treaded tires, raised suspension, steel bumpers, and tinted, reinforced windows won’t look gaudy when they’re bulldozing through a city’s worth of hungry walkers. You might as well use an actual bulldozer if you can find one.

Go all out with the above modifications. Don’t worry about how fast you can reach 60 mph. This vehicle is for powering through the most dangerous situations.

Load your monster truck with your best fighters and heaviest weapons, and let it charge through the undead masses, clearing a path for the rest of the convoy.

Are you ready? Because we’re moving out! Off to save Seva Man!

Rochelle’s Goodbye

Monday, August 12th, 2013

Written by Rochelle Cecil

Welp, it’s that time of the year. Everyone is packing up their rooms at home and filling the car with new bedding, plastic shelves, and a few unbreakable plates. It’s halfway through August, and in just a couple of short week,s I’ll be back in my small hamlet in the Middle of Nowhere, New York.

Really, I’m one of the last ones to leave. A number of the other Seva Call interns have given up their desks and gone home to do the dreaded task of packing. I just happen to be the first blogger to leave you.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading all the Seva blogs this summer. It’s definitely been a blast to write for you and to be a part of the Seva press team. We’ve done a lot this summer, and we’ve learned a lot this summer. My portfolio is definitely getting an update soon!

On September 1 I’ll be headed back to Houghton for my final semester of college. It’s quite a strange feeling. I’m starting to feel a bit old. Also, a little dazed. I have no idea what I’m doing come December 14 when classes end. Maybe I’ll go galavant around Europe for a bit. Who knows. If I do, I’ll be sure to send the Seva Team some pictures to share with you.

Thanks for spending the summer with me learning about Seva Call, entrepreneurship, zombies, and so much more.

See you around!

28 (Mis)Adventures: The Petty Theft Auto Edition

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

A blog about life experience and inexperience, written by Dallea Caldwell.

I can’t remember the last time I approached my car without a sense of impending doom. A flat tire is my biggest fear. The first and only time I tried to change a tire alone, I almost lost an arm before some kindly stranger rescued and then proceeded to hit on me.

As paranoid as I am about car trouble, you’d think I would have been more cautious than to leave my laptop on the passenger side seat. But, it was the early-morning-end of a long day, an equally long drive, and my befuddled brain that caused me to throw caution to the upholstery.

I met the resulting busted window and missing bag with a sense of resignation and went through the motions of calling insurance, calling cops, and calling out of the office. The insurance company gave me a choice of driving 45 minutes for an immediate window repair or waiting until the next day for an at-home repair.

The clouds looked about ready to burst, so I worked from home and waited for next-day service.

The next day I received a call. The window repair guy said he was up the street, but there was a problem.

“You don’t have a garage, do you?”

“No. But, I’ve got an upgraded kitchen with ample counter space. What’s your point?” (Light paraphrasing)

“It’s raining. My equipment is electrical.”

I mentally reviewed my middle-school physics class on conductors. Then, the lightbulb went on. The repairmen then said that if the weather cleared up within a four-hour time frame, then he would do the job.

The weather was fine, and I’d been waiting 145 minutes when I called to check on his status. He said I’d have to wait another day or book elsewhere, because he’d already left the area. I went off.

I wasn’t that bad considering the fact that I’d been the victim of petty theft auto, it had rained all night, and my car window was still covered in plastic wrap like it was last week’s dinner.

My tone was a bit abrasive, but my baby cousin could not have cited me for even a single Swear-Jar-punishable offense at any point in the discussion. Even as I expressed my supreme dissatisfaction to the insurance company, I was grace under fire.

Could it have been because I was simultaneously submitting a Window Replacement service request at No, not at all. I’m a saint who doesn’t have a neurotic bone in my body.

I even sounded chipper about the whole thing when I spoke to an available pro, but he saw right through my act and was extra sweet. Best part, the skies cleared up just long enough for the job to get done about 45 minutes later.

The only drawback was that I had to wait for my insurance company to reimburse me rather than merely pay the deductible. But, it was worth it getting my car back after its stint as a Reynold’s Wrapped glass sandwich.

I’m still out of a laptop and the heavy leather Coach bag I’d been storing it in. Oh well, I guess I can’t have everything.

Check out more 28 (mis)adventures here.

8 Interns : 2 Months : 1 Office – Meet Lauren

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

8 Interns : 2 Months : 1 Office - Meet Lauren - Seva Team

Written by Jaime Fawcett

What’s Up Seva Callers?

Summer is wrapping up here, and most of the interns are leaving to head back to school. It’s getting pretty quiet here, but we still have a few of our stars in the office to feature in the 8 Interns : 2 Months : 1 Office series.

Just like Lauren, who is our champion graphic designer, and is currently studying visual communications at Stevenson University.

So Lauren, what do you do for Seva Call?

Graphic Design. So I make layouts for the web pages. I’m currently designing a door hanger. Like the ones you see on hotel room doors.

8 Interns : 2 Months : 1 Office - Meet Lauren - Seva Team

What kind of art do you do in your spare time?

Mostly digital art. Sometimes I draw in Paint and I also like to knit! I’m teaching myself to crochet. That’s art right?

Do you have a spirit animal?

I’m not sure. Maybe a cat…..or a fox.

You’re a fan of Chipotle, what’s your order?

Usually I get a burrito. Or the tacos. I like to keep things exciting. Chicken, rice, cheese, tomatoes. I don’t like a lot of spicy stuff.

8 Interns : 2 Months : 1 Office - Meet Lauren - Seva Team

If it was the zombie apocalypse…

1. Definitely Augie, he could take zombies out in his sleep.

2. Probably Michael, he would be a good strategist.

3. Matteo, he would be the bait. He’s so loud. He would be a good distraction.

4. Nabeel, he would be the sniper. Very quiet and mysterious.

What’s your favorite thing about Stevenson?

I like the small class sizes. You get to know everyone, so it’s easy to make friends. A good community.

8 Interns : 2 Months : 1 Office - Meet Lauren - Seva Team

Favorite food?

Ice cream! Cookies’n’Cream is my jam.

What is your ultimate dream job?

I would really like to do interior design. I wouldn’t want to start my own company. That’s too much work. I really like designing 3-D spaces and seeing how everything interacts and comes together as one thing.

Favorite video game?

Right now I’m playing Final Fantasy XIII; I’m totally addicted. (I personally love that series.)

Favorite Holiday?

Halloween. Because it gives you a reason to dress up and you won’t look stupid. My friends and I like to dress up as ninjas and freak people out.

8 Interns : 2 Months : 1 Office - Meet Lauren - Seva Team

Harry Potter house?

I never watched or read it….


Any embarrassing stories from your childhood?

I was in elementary school. A boy had a crush on one of my friends, and during naptime he was like creeping around her. So I told her that he kissed her in her sleep, but that never actually happened. I didn’t tell her the truth until high school.

She wasn’t mad, she cracked up.

8 Interns : 2 Months : 1 Office - Meet Lauren - Seva Team

Well, that’s it folks. We are wrapping things up here in the office for the day and for the week. So I’ll see you next week!

Zombie-Proof Your Home: New Duds – Zombie Armor

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

Zombie-Proof Your Home: New Duds - Zombie Armor - Seva Team

Written by Steven D’Adamo

Steve here with another update from Fort Talk Local. Manpreet has encouraged me to keep writing these blogs until we can connect with real people again, and hopefully find Seva Man, who is still somewhere in the Midwest.

Since reuniting with our leader and fortifying our home, we have become emboldened. We conduct frequent raids to CostCo, gathering up as much supplies as we can, and search through surrounding neighborhoods for other survivors. We’re ecstatic to report that there are more than we thought!

We also send out parties to find zombies. And boy have we learned a few lessons…

– Cotton t-shirts are not made for protection of any kind.

– Bare skin is an open invitation to bites and scratches.

– Real armor is hard to find.

And that’s why we’ve each begun designing our own, custom armor. I advise that you do the same, and I have some ideas to get you started. Now that you know how to zombie-proof your home, it’s time to venture out and help others. Here are some easy, DIY armor ideas.

1. Headgear. Helmets, goggles, sunglasses, those weird earmuffs that wrap around the back of your head, even a hockey mask. Protect your face and head from scratches. Ears, eyes, and long hair are particularly vulnerable to pulling and gouging.

2. Thick materials. Your plain cotton t’s won’t cut it anymore. Rummage through your parents’ closet for an 80’s-style leather vest, or find thicker jackets to use as upper body reinforcement. Scrap denim is great for reinforcing joints and limbs in long-sleeved shirts, or doubling up on leg protection.

3. Real shoes. You can wear sandals or crocs (vomit) the next time you feel safe wandering around outside mostly naked. Ditch the open-toed footwear for something that will actually protect your feet. Above-the-ankle, steel-tipped, waterproof boots are ideal.

4. Get creative. Use plastic or metal scraps as a form of padding on your clothes. Seriously. Just go Office Space on a computer monitor and tie the strips of plastic around your forearms for some homemade wrist-guards. Nothing says “Don’t bite me!” like a swinging, plastic-reinforced forearm to the teeth.

5. Duct tape. Yes, old reliable even has its uses during the zombie apocalypse. Don’t have any fancy clothes or makeshift armor? Duct-tape your arms and legs, or any bare skin you don’t mind taping up. While the zombies are busy chewing on your cheap armor, you’ll be busy bashing their heads in. Just don’t cut off circulation.

6. Combine 4 and 5. Go big by duct taping plastic or metal scraps to a long-sleeved shirt, and then taping up any open fabric. The tape will prevent fabric from ripping, and the added armor is just that.

It’s just so hard to find a reliable tailor in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. However, you should be able to find something to protect yourself with as you forage for food, survivors, or vintage Pokemon cards… whatever floats your boat.

Stay safe, and get to fighting. Steve out.