How To Use Chair Rails

How To Use Chair Rails - Painters

Most people who desire to redecorate their room walls with a type of molding will want to know how to use chair rails to enhance their home’s decor and increase their home’s value. Chair rails, also known as dado rails, are a type of molding that is affixed horizontally to the walls in a room. Chair rails are mainly used for decorative purposes, but can also protect walls from accidental damage caused by furniture. It can be used in conjunction with baseboard and crown moldings or as a simple, standalone molding. Once a chair rail is installed, the top or bottom portions of the wall can be wallpapered or painted.

How To Use Chair Rails

1. Decide what type, size, and shape of chair rail you want; there are many choices available to consumers. It is a good idea to sample different sizes and shapes before making a final purchase.

2. When installing, make sure you install at a proper height for your ceiling’s height. A chair rail set too high can seem disproportionate. It is better to err on the side of caution. You want the chair rail to enhance your room, not overpower it. General consensus is that chair rail should be installed one-third to just under one-half of the way up from the floor.

3. You should always measure from the ground up as you mark around the room. Ceilings can be of varying heights, and even a little discrepancy will cause non-level moldings. Mark with pencil as you go around the room and use chalk to mark straight lines.

4. A chair rail usually looks best painted or stained; semi-gloss to high gloss is best for staining. Flat paint will get marked up and is not easy to clean. There is no right color, so be creative! Some choose to paint the molding white, off-white, or a lighter or darker shade of the wall’s color.

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