What Can I Do With Tree Branches?

What Can I Do With Tree Branches? - Tree Removal

Do you have fallen tree branches from dead or dying trees cluttering your yard? Are you asking yourself, “What can I do with tree branches?” We have some interesting ideas to help you put those tree branches to work — or to simply get rid of them.

Rent A Wood Shredder

Renting a wood shredder will allow you to convert your branches into wood chips. Tip – Check with your neighbors to see if they too need any branches disposed of. This way, you can split the cost of renting the wood shredder with other people, and have more wood chips to use as mulch.

Use Branches In Your Garden

Branches are great for supporting growing flowers and plants in your garden. The branches can be used to allow the flowers and plants support and stability as they grow. You can simply tie the plants to branch sticking upright out of the ground.

Decorate Your Home!

Use a tree branch to give your home a nice, woody, rustic look by creating a towel holder of your own!

1. Take a branch that is around 3 inches in circumference and smooth out the edges.

2. After you have cleaned up the branch, begin searching for fake flower arrangements that can be placed on the end of the branch in order to give the branch some decorations and color of its own.

3. To secure the branch along the wall, use wall brackets and glue. Use clear glue in order to avoid unnecessary glue marks appearing.

4. Apply the mounting brackets for a store-bought towel holder. This will give you the support needed to glue the branch onto the wall.

5. Apply the glue and hold the branch in place with the brackets for a few minutes to allow the glue to take hold.

6. Next, pick a towel color that correlates to the wood color and the rustic feel you are aiming for. Oftentimes, greens and browns are great options to go with.

Use Branches As Kindling

If you enjoy a nice, warm fire in your fireplace, or on a cool evening outside with your fire pit, dead branches are great to use as kindling. Simply store the branches wherever you store logs to dry.

Have more questions about what to do with tree branches? Already made enough branch towel holders to fill your entire home and still have a lot of branches left over? It may be time to call a tree removal service to help you out! Check out TalkLocal. You will be connected directly to local, high quality professionals that can help you with any of your tree removal needs. Check it out!

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  1. Maureen clewes says:

    I have branches on my tree I have cut down how can I get rid of them

  2. Drew says:

    It never even crossed my mind to use them as decoration. That’s a great idea! A towel holder made from old limbs would look great in the right themed room,

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