Painting with Acrylic Enamel House Paint

Painting with Acrylic Enamel House Paint - Painters

Acrylic enamel or acrylic enamel paint is a water-based paint that uses acrylic as the binding ingredient to create the paint film. This paint is durable, non-yellowing, and resists chipping. It works well on shiny or slick substrates such as glass and car exteriors, which is why it is often used for automobile painting. It is also used to paint a variety of materials from metal, steel, and aluminum to pipes and fencing.

When dry, acrylic enamel gives a semi-gloss or gloss sheen. It has minimal odor and dries quickly, although unevenly, sometimes with noticeable brushstrokes. It’s also not as great for sanding as oil-based enamel paint. Acrylic enamel house paint is ideal for painting doors, windows, and woodwork trims. It’s easy to cleanup with just water and soap. Acrylic enamel house paint has numerous color options to choose from and it comes in cans, aerosol sprays, and tubes. Usually, paint jobs that use this paint will only need one coat.

How to Paint with Acrylic Enamel House Paint:

1. First, the surface to be painted must be prepped. It must be cleaned, de-greased, and sanded. A clean and dry surface will give the best painting results.

2. Once the surface is ready, spray it over with a high-quality primer, which serves as a sealer. It also eliminates the need for a second coating.

3. For this job, choose a quality paintbrush that has firm but flexible bristles.

4. Work in small sections, applying paint heavily to the surface. As the paint dries, it will level out. Make sure not to paint over an area if it’s already in the process of drying because the paint will smudge and the finish will be ruined.

5. Let the paint dry overnight. Acrylic enamel house paint can sometimes appear already dry but give at least 24 hours before touching it.

As a word of caution, don’t forget to put on a protective mask so you don’t inhale toxic paint fumes. Never work with acrylic enamel paint when you’re in an enclosed room.

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