Which Type of RAM Do I Need?

Which Type of RAM Do I Need? - Computer Repair

So your computer is running slowly. You need a new RAM. But what is a RAM?

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It is a type of memory that is independently stored from your hard drive and designed for an entirely operational use – it does not store any direct forms of data.

Types of RAM and Differences

Okay, so which type of RAM do I need?

There are two types of RAM: DRAM and SRAM. DRAM stands for Dynamic Random Access Memory. SRAM stands for Static Random Access Memory.

DRAM is a type of memory that needs to be continuously refreshed while the SRAM does not require the constant update. Because of this, the SRAM is faster than the DRAM.

More specifically, DRAMs generally feature an access time (process time) of 60 nanoseconds while the SRAMs generally feature an access time of 10 nanoseconds. SRAMs are, on average, about six times as fast as DRAMs.

SRAMs are also much more expensive than DRAMs. Therefore, in most computers designed for home or office use, you will find that DRAM is used. This is also likely the type that you need for your computer.

Finding the Specific Model for Your Computer

Different computer models require different RAM models. Generally, it is recommended to look up your computer brand and the model number online to find which RAM model you need. You can also just write down the information and bring the information to a computer technician, who can find the correct model for you.

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