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Health Benefits of Your Master Spa

Wednesday, December 25th, 2013

Health Benefits of Your Master Spa - Massage Therapy

Nothing could be as relaxing as coming home to a 90 minute spa therapy! The warm and cozy water in the spa is great for relieving muscular and mental stress that accumulates throughout the day. Hydrotherapy with a spa is increasingly becoming one of the favorite treatments for innumerable health benefits.

Read the history about hot tubs and spas – you’ll discover that hot tub therapy has existed for centuries. Hot springs were seen as a natural way of healing. The same health benefits have been replicated in a hot tub, allowing you to enjoy this therapy every day.

Health Benefits of Your Master Spa

While a chiropractor’s assistance should not be terminated from your health care routine, hot tubs can be used to aid healing when used alongside medical treatment. Below are some of the many benefits of using hot tubs and spas alongside medical treatment.

1. Better sleep: Research has shown that 60-90 minutes spent in a spa or hot tub, before sleeping, helps in calming down your body and mind, thereby inducing better sleep.

2. Improved heart health: The water in a hot tub or spa is of a temperature that improves blood circulation in the body. In turn, the cardiac muscles in your body function properly.

3. Relief from joint pain and arthritis: The buoyancy and warmth of spa water is perfect for lifting the pain and relieving your joints from stress. Moreover, better circulation of blood in the body also aids in lessening joint pain.

4. Lower blood pressure: Soaking in the spa has been proven as beneficial for patients suffering high blood pressure. The calming effect that a spa or a hot tub has aids in stress-relief and maintaining an optimum blood pressure.

5. Weight loss: Spas can even help you lose weight. Hydrotherapy creates the perfect balance of heat, buoyancy, and pressure, causing the body to melt fat and tone up.

In a Nutshell

With hot tub or spa from a dealer like Master Spa, you can aim for a healthier, happier life.. The health benefits your spas are magnificent. Apart from the listed, spas are also helpful in boosting immunity.

Want a Hot Tub for Your Home?

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This post was created by Meggie Haneckow. She is a niche blogger and writer who loves to write about hot and trending topics. She is a health enthusiast who enjoys sharing tips on hot tubs and filters.

Secret of Overall Wellness: A Hot Tub Dip!

Friday, December 13th, 2013

Secret of Overall Wellness: A Hot Tub Dip! - Massage Therapy

No one can deny the mesmerizing and soothing effects that a hot tub dip gives, but do you know what makes it feel so great? Unfolding the pages of history tells us that even the Greek and Egyptians believed in the power of hydrotherapy.

The pressure jets and relaxing heat of the hot tub water do wonders to relieve mental and physical stress. But how? Let’s discuss some benefits of spa hydrotherapy and see how a hot tub dip can help in overall wellness.

Say No to Stress

High stress levels can cause physical discomfort and vice versa. A healthy mind and body could be the key to overcoming this dilemma, and spa hydrotherapy can aid to calm and care for both.

A few minutes hydrotherapeutic session in the hot tub can eradicate headaches and slump stress levels, while also soothing joints and muscles. Most of the spas have hot tub water massage elements that rouse anxiety- and stress-relieving endorphins.

Better Siesta

It is scientifically proven that hydrotherapy can boost your sleep; in fact, people can fall fast asleep and sleep for longer after an effective hot tub emersion. The rapid eye movement (REM) cycle is also noticed to be more invigorating after the revitalizing effects of a hydrotherapy session.

Relief from Pain

In hydrotherapy, water is used to relive pain and discomfort from the body in the physical sense, but the temperature of water plays an essential role in providing effective results. Respite from muscle soreness, arthritis, and back pain can expedite the revival from injuries.

Studies have revealed that hydrotherapy aids the elimination of lactic acid, opens the blood vessels for improved circulation, makes possible the flow of endorphins, and unwinds the soft tissue surrounding arthritic joints. The fine blend of high tech jets with hot water can perk up joint and muscular functions by directing a hot jet-driven water to exact trouble points or pressure points in the body.

A sound sleep, pain relief and a stress free routine together are the secret of overall wellness. Lack of one component can hamper the others. So whether you need a hot tub dip for calming your mind after a stressful day, or require a hydrotherapy session for pain relief or to soothe overworked muscles, hot tubs can be your health and wellness specialists.

Want to Know More About Hot Tub Installations?

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Essential Oil Aromatherapy Benefits

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

Essential Oil Aromatherapy Benefits - Massage Therapy

Did you know that essential oil aromatherapy can help you improve your general state of health by regulating your body functions? Aromatherapy, also known as essential oil therapy, has become increasingly popular since the beginning of the 20th century.

Now, it’s virtually endless list of advantages is much appreciated by millions of people suffering from depression, elevated blood pressure, insomnia, and various other disturbing health problems. Keep reading to find out everything there is to know about essential oil aromatherapy.

What Is Essential Oil Therapy?

Essential oil therapy is one of the most popular alternative methods to treat a wide range of diseases, by making the most of highly beneficial essential oils. These oils are extracted from the seeds, leaves, flowers, or root of numerous plants. The extracts are mixed with different substances, including gels, lotions, and alcohol, to come up with an ideal formula. The end product is applied on the patient’s skin. Moreover, essential oils can also be burned and inhaled, or sprayed in an indoor area.

How Could Essential Oil Therapy Help Me?

Practitioners affirm that essential oils provide calming or stimulating effects, by interacting with the patients’ enzymes and hormones. As a result, these products manage to regulate pulse and blood pressure. People who benefit from aromatherapy sessions manage to relax, de-stress, and fight depression and insomnia.

Are There Any Risks Associated with Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy sessions guarantee a few enjoyable moments of relaxation in a cozy, welcoming environment. However, essential oil therapy is not for everybody. Children under 6 may be affected by potent oils that could easily cause rashes on their delicate skin.

Aromatherapy oils shouldn’t get near the patient’s mouth or eyes. Moreover, people who suffer from chronic respiratory problems should avoid essential oil therapy. The same restriction should be taken into consideration by pregnant women, since oils obtained from sage, rosemary, and juniper could trigger uterine contractions.

Ask an Expert

Should you count on essential oil aromatherapy to live a healthier, happier life? If you want to get the most accurate answer to this question, contact a massage therapy expert. Find the best one near you by consulting TalkLocal, a free service that will connect you with the right professionals in your area in just minutes.

Aromatherapy Scent Guide

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Aromatherapy Scent Guide - Massage Therapy

A relaxing, enjoyable aromatherapy session has a virtually endless list of health benefits. It will help you improve your mood, eliminate anxiety, and reduce stress levels almost instantly.

There are hundreds of essential oils: some of them are burned and inhaled; some are sprayed inside the room; and others are mixed with different substances, including gels, body cream, and alcohol, and used during massage sessions.

Of course, oils based on different natural ingredients will have a unique odor. Some fragrances you’ll love and some you’ll hate for the rest of your life. Which ones should you choose? Use the following aromatherapy scent guide to make an inspired decision.

Choose the Best Fragrances Based on Their Type

Essential oils and their one-of-a-kind fragrances can be divided into different categories, by type. Some of the most popular are the following:

– Citrus fragrances

– Herbal fragrances

– Earthy fragrances

– Floral fragrances

– Fruity fragrances

– Spicy fragrances

– Musk and amber fragrances

Since you couldn’t possibly test all these essential oils to identify your favorite candidate, purchase the one that best matches your favorite perfume or scented candle.

Identify Your Ideal Essential Oil Based on Its Benefits

Choose some of the most enchanting, efficient essential oils based on their unique health benefits. You should know that:

– Amber essential oil boosts mental power and stimulates creativity

– Bergamot essential oil relaxes and reinvigorates the body

– Cranberry essential oil reduces headaches

– Jasmine battles postpartum depression, calms the nerves, and reduces stress

– Patchouli prevents nausea and colds and reduces migraines

– Sandalwood essential oil is used as an aphrodisiac, a mild natural antidepressant, and a sedative

– Vanilla improves the memory and boosts the sexual appetite

– Cinnamon essential oils reduce inflammations and fight infections

– Lavender eliminates nervous tension, protects the skin and the scalp, reduces pain, and boosts blood circulation

Ask an Expert

Finding the best essential oil solely based on info from an aromatherapy scent guide can be difficult. Take the easy way out and consult a massage therapy expert. Spot the most competent professionals in your area with TalkLocal, a free service that connects you directly with the right professionals, right now.

Aromatherapy Massage Benefits

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Aromatherapy Massage Benefits - Massage Therapy

Most people who want to benefit from a relaxing spa day think about making the most of the virtually endless list of aromatherapy massage benefits. You might be wondering: what type of health-related problems could I actually prevent or relieve during an aromatherapy massage session? Is this alternative therapy method risk-free, or are there any restrictions that I should take into consideration? Keep reading to discover accurate answers to all your questions on this topic.

Identify the Most Relevant Aromatherapy Massage Benefits

All essential oils used during a massage session have one thing in common: they reduce stress levels and help the stiffest muscles relax. They eliminate muscular pain in a highly effective manner. However, the rest of the benefits provided by massage oils vary a great deal, depending on their particular ingredients.

> Rose essential oil corrects hormonal imbalances and helps bedroom problems.

> Sesame oil has extraordinary moisturizing properties and keeps the skin soft, while lowering blood pressure levels and reducing stress.

> Lavender oil battles germs, due to its proven antibacterial properties; it also prevents or helps control insomnia, urinary disorders, joint pain, and respiratory problems.

> Peppermint oil calms sore muscles and eliminates headaches.

Of course, these examples illustrate only the most notable properties displayed by common essential oils that contribute to an overall satisfactory general state of health. There are hundreds of other types of aromatherapy oil, and each type tackles various health concerns.

How Aromatherapy Massage Can Help You

Aromatherapy massage performed by a licensed, fully trained specialist can elevate your quality of life in many ways, by:

– Reducing chronic pain and fatigue

– Improving circulation

– Reducing muscle stiffness

– Effective anxiety control and reducing stress

– Boosting your immune system

– Mental revitalization and battling negative emotions

– Removing toxins from your body

– Offering you fast pain relief and excellent cellulite prevention

Find the Best Essential Oils with Expert Help

Browse hundreds of types of essential oils available online by active ingredients and promised benefits to find the ones that address your specific therapeutic needs. When in doubt, consult a massage therapy expert. Find the best one in your area by relying on TalkLocal. Talk Local’s purpose is to connect you with reliable professionals who are just one call away.

Soapstone Oil Burner

Friday, October 18th, 2013

Soapstone Oil Burner - Massage Therapy

Numerous people seeking to attain holistic serenity choose to discover the amazing benefits of aromatherapy. For them, beautiful, practical, and inexpensive soapstone oil burners represent a valuable asset, enabling them to relax, meditate, and feel increasingly comfortable in their own environment. Keep reading to discover useful information on such incense burners.

What are soapstone oil burners?

A soapstone oil burner is a product utilized by homeowners to heat aromatherapy oils or to burn incense and spread delicate scents. Soapstone, or steatite, is a relatively soft metamorphic rock available in several shades of gray. It has been used for hundreds of years on the Indian subcontinent to create amazing artwork carved with sacred symbols. Because of its unique properties, this material is the perfect choice for artisans who handcraft gorgeous incense burners.

Why are soapstone oil burners so popular?

A soapstone oil burner could become an excellent gift idea for recipients who want to discover the benefits of aromatherapy. Despite the fact that soapstone containers might take a while to reach the perfect temperature, they retain the ideal level of heat for a longer period of time. This is the main reason why a soapstone oil burner is the perfect alternative to metal or glass-based similar items.

Also, soapstone burners require very little maintenance, as they can be effectively cleaned using water and soap. Moreover, when it comes to crafting wonderful burners, artisans usually prefer to rely on soapstone, as this material does not require the use of specialized tools. Soapstone carving is a relatively simple assignment that does not require a considerable effort.

How to find the perfect heating and cooling products

Want to find the ideal heating and cooling products for your household? Are you looking for inexpensive maintenance services or for that expert guidance enabling you to make inspired decisions? In this case, identify massage or aromatherapy professionals operating in your area by relying on TalkLocal, a cost-free service introduced to help you get in touch with the best specialists in your area.

Benefits of Acupressure Massage

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Benefits of Acupressure Massage - Massage Therapy

Imagine that you’re finally relaxing in a peaceful, delightful environment, while two skilled hands are massaging your sore areas, eliminating tension and stiffness and allowing you to attain a much-needed state of complete relaxation. Now think about the fact that some of the most popular alternative therapies based on centuries-old practices, including the stimulation of patients’ acupressure points, offer long-term advantages that you should always take into consideration. If you are still not certain that you need to schedule an appointment for a massage therapy session right away, keep reading to discover some of the most remarkable benefits of acupressure massage.

Acupressure Massage Fights Numerous Neurological Disorders

Recent studies indicate that acupressure massage therapy conducted by skilled practitioners plays an important part in treating numerous types of neurological disorders, including epilepsy, partial paralysis, chronic headaches, multiple sclerosis, and vertigo. At the same time, this form of therapy allows partially disabled patients to recover smoothly, fighting limb stiffness in a highly effective manner. The best part is that the remarkable benefits of acupressure massage can be experienced by most people, as there are no restrictions and no risks associated with this popular alternative therapy.

Acupressure Massage Contributes to Adequate Child Development

Acupressure massage also helps kids sleep better, reduce stress levels, and fight constipation and chest colds. This form of therapy also prevents bed-wetting episodes, allowing the young ones to get a good night’s rest.

Acupressure Massage Alleviates Common Side Effects of Menopause, Pregnancy, and Post-Menstrual Trauma

Millions of women choose to discover the benefits of acupressure massage, especially when they’re dealing with one of the many side effects of pregnancy and menopause, including nausea, irritability, back pain, and mood swings. Believe it or not, all of these factors stopping countless women from getting out of their beds in the morning can be easily eliminated with just a few sessions of acupressure massage.

How to Find the Best Practitioner Specialized in Acupressure Massage

Finding and stimulating important acupressure points on your own can be very challenging, especially if you lack the experience and training required to do so. In this case, solve your problems by simply scheduling an appointment with one of the highly qualified practitioners who operate in your area. Find the most popular ones by consulting TalkLocal, your direct connection to the best professionals.

Asian Acupressure Massage

Friday, October 11th, 2013

Asian Acupressure Massage - Massage Therapy

Every once in a while, you have to clear up your schedule and make an appointment at a prestigious wellness center to discover the advantages of various types of therapeutic massage sessions designed to help you relax, de-stress, and eliminate or alleviate your health problems in a timely, healthful manner.

Stimulating Your Acupressure Points to Boost Your Welfare and Aid Healing

Many people from different parts of the globe choose to rely on the demonstrated effectiveness of alternative healing therapies and explore the benefits of Asian acupressure massage. Important acupressure points are the same ones that are targeted during acupuncture therapy sessions; however, acupuncture implies the usage of tiny needles, while acupressure involves the firm, yet incredibly delicate finger pressure of the practitioner applied on the patient’s skin.

Various negative factors, including traumas, chemical imbalances, elevated stress levels, and poor circulation, stimulate the human body to produce lactic acid, responsible for the contraction of muscle fibers. Patients can eliminate the tension and relieve muscular pain by simply counting on effective Asian acupressure massage techniques implemented to help muscle fibers relax, eliminate toxins, and increase circulation to reduce stiffness, enabling the patient to achieve a state of absolute relaxation.

Why is the Asian Acupressure Massage a Viable Treatment Method Worth Considering?

When bioelectrical energy and blood are properly distributed throughout the entire body, the patient is less threatened by a wide range of illnesses and feels ready to embrace a healthier lifestyle. If you want to discover the remarkable benefits of Asian acupressure massage, it is advisable to spend up to three minutes stimulating each pressure point located on your body. Some of them will feel stiff; others will feel sore.

Asian Bodywork Therapy, also known as ABT techniques, allow patients to attain an interior and exterior balance while enjoying a centuries-old form of therapy designed and perfected to strengthen the mind, the spirit, and the body. Radiant health is easily restored through a regimen of ABT practices, including touching, the proper stimulation of acupressure points, stretching, and cupping therapy.

Contacting a Skilled Practitioner

When you desperately want to regain your vitality, increase your energy levels, and alleviate chronic pain, you instantly think about the numerous advantages of a massage therapy session. Relax, de-stress, and bury your health problems once and for all by relying on the skills and expertise of a great practitioner. Find the best ones with TalkLocal, a free service introduced to connect you with competent specialists who are just a few clicks away.

Cupping Massage Therapy

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Cupping Massage Therapy - Massage Therapy

Some of the most popular massage therapies available these days are actually based on ancient techniques derived from traditional Chinese medicine developed to reduce stress, relax body muscles, eliminate toxins, increase energy levels, and fight numerous diseases and recurrent conditions.

When traditional medicine fails to alleviate the pain of millions of patients, some of them put all of their hopes in the healing power of alternative therapies. Cupping massage therapy is the perfect example in this case, allowing people to improve their general state of health and boost their well-being after only a few sessions.

Facts About Cupping Massage Therapy You Should Take into Consideration

Hundreds of types of massage therapies represent versions of ancient forms of therapy developed in China hundreds of years ago.

Cupping was initially implemented to reduce skin lesions and draw poisonous compounds, like snake venom, from affected human tissue. It soon became a well-known, increasingly popular healthcare technique embraced by the Greeks and the Egyptians.

In the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, millions of people relied on cupping techniques to fight nasty colds and facilitate a fast, trouble-free recovery.

Now, the benefits of this ancient technique become noticeable after the first massage session, during which the practitioner applies glass cups on the patient’s body. This practice has a sedating effect on the client’s nervous system, allowing them to relax, de-stress, and enjoy a fabulous, pampering experience.

The Benefits of Cupping Massage Therapy

This type of highly beneficial massage therapy is recommended for people who are often dealing with muscular pain, tissue stiffness, and slow blood circulation. Moreover, due to the negative pressure applied on the skin surface through local suction, circulation is significantly improved, the toxins and excess fluids are properly drained, and stiff tissues regain their elasticity.

Contact a Skilled Practitioner

Undoubtedly, if you want to discover the advantages of cupping massage therapy, you’ll have to identify a skilled practitioner and schedule an appointment for a wellness session. Find the best specialist in your area by consulting TalkLocal, your reputable provider of fresh information allowing you to spot great professionals living and working in your area.

Polarity Therapy Massage

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Polarity Therapy Massage - Massage Therapy

After a long day spent at the office, a great massage can help you relax, de-stress, and recharge your batteries in a short time. Now you have unlimited access to countless wellness therapies implemented by skilled, world-class experts who have uncovered the secrets of the human body and know exactly which “buttons” to push to enhance your wellbeing.

What is the main purpose of the well-liked polarity therapy massage, and how could it help you restore your inner balance? Keep reading to discover accurate answers to these questions and more.

Discovering the Benefits of Polarity Therapy

Polarity therapy is one of the safest ways to ensure a proper energetic level throughout the entire body. It represents so much more than a series of well-studied massage techniques.

Polarity therapy is actually a complex holistic system based on an appropriate diet, exercise routine, and extensive bodywork, correlated to realign unbalanced energies in order to eliminate or alleviate a wide range of diseases.

Moreover, the advantages of polarity therapy are praised by people who want to reduce stress levels, annihilate stomach cramps, back pain, and various other recurring conditions impacting their quality of life.

How Polarity Therapy Massage Could Boost Your Well-Being

Polarity therapy represents an ingenious combination of highly beneficial massage techniques inspired by the Cabalistic teachings, the Western chiropractic practices, the Chinese culture, and the Indian Aryuveda relaxation techniques. All in all, the main goal of this therapeutic massage is to create an ideal balance between the negative and positive electromagnetic currents circulating through the human body.

Polarity therapy represents a clever mix of breathing exercises, massage techniques, tactile stimulation, and movement. Apart from eliminating stress and alleviating numerous diseases, polarity therapy massage also addresses emotional problems and enables the patient to attain an energetic balance and embrace a healthier lifestyle faster and easier than ever before. In order to benefit from the best massage therapy sessions, you must find an experienced practitioner who knows the secrets of polarity therapy massage.

Find the best practitioner

If you want to boost your energy levels, reduce stress, and recover your vitality, start by exploring the benefits of a relaxing massage session. Find the best experts specialized in polarity therapy massage by relying on TalkLocal, a free service that connects you with the right professionals in your area in a matter of minutes.